Animation Workshop Group

Animation Workshop Group is an international organization starting in 1971 within ASIFA that inspires young people to engage in animation creation, promotes children’s animation education and facilitates cross-cultural cooperation and animation projects for children worldwide.

In AWG, since 1979, a variety of themes has been chosen regularly to promote expression and creativity among children. By this approach, animation is not confined to those films or series made by adults and viewed by children. With endeavors of more than 10 years, more than 30 chapters of ASIFA were attracted to join AWG and work to foster the development of children and boost the animations created by them.

ASIFA-CHINA has attached great importance to animation by children since its establishment, making it one of the earliest registered members. It cooperates with AWG, exploring the ways to promote animation by children, which includes developing animation curriculums in primary and middle schools, planning and organizing summer camps, cooperating with companies to create themed animations, recommending and screening Chinese animations by children in well-known international animation festival, such as Hiroshima. In 2017, It organized “City Media Cup” International Youth Animation and Creativity Works Contest. Moreover, it is the official exclusive partner of VAFI&RAFI in China.

ASIFA-CHINA国际动画协会中国分会 Contact No.:010-62662716