Regulations for the Submission of Films to International Animation Festivals and Competitions by ASIFA-CHINA

ASIFA-CHINA provides film submission services for filmmakers, registering their animations for international animation festivals and competitions, provided that it is authorized.

1.For ASIFA-CHINA members:

ASIFA-CHINA helps its members submit their animations to international animation festivals up to 6 times for free each year. A fee of 60 RMB is collected for each additional submission.

2.For ASIFA-CHINA youth members:

A fee of 30 RMB is charged for each submission.

Note: Names of members or youth members must appear in the opening sequence or cast list as a token of their engagement in the creation or production of the films to be submitted. Regarding the films that fail to do that, a fee of 60 RMB will be charged.

3.For non-members:

For filmmakers that are not members or youth members of ASIFA-CHINA, 60 RMB is charged for each submission.


A.Filmmakers fill in the registration form;
B.Filmmakers transfer or mail the materials, including the registration form, film download link, letter of authorization (if applicable) etc., to designated email address or work address of ASIFA-CHINA;
C.Filmmakers pay for the submission and notify ASIFA-CHINA, providing a screenshot of the wire transfer;
D.ASIFA-CHINA submits films to international animation festivals and do the registration.

Note: The regulations and rules for registering for international animation festival could be seen on their official websites. Filmmakers could decide whether to register by themselves or by ASIFA-CHINA.

5.Bank Information
Bank Name: 北京银行石景山支行
Bank Account: 2000,0030,0407,0000,6396,534
Account Name: 北京阿希法动画技术研究院

6.Contact Information

Phone number: 010-6266-2716
Postal Address: Suite 901, Mauhwa Edifice, Shidaihuayuan South Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China
Recipient: ASIFA-CHINA

Note: The final right of interpretation of these regulations belongs to ASIFA-China.
ASIFA-CHINA国际动画协会中国分会 Contact No.:010-62662716